What is “sensual abstract art”? 

What is “sensual abstract art”? It is an uneasy description of the paintings you have been invited to see and consider, as well as a reminder that you, dear viewer, do not perform these actions separately. Although theory has arranged to divorce seeing and thinking, “color and form,” Ali Nassiri’s work shows that these actions and their underlying contents are fundamentally indistinct. At its heart, to see his painting is to become aware of imagination and its pervasiveness. Ali’s indeterminate compositions are crafted to still provoke a sense of unity and meaningfulness, while not presenting any calculation or inference behind the viewer's sudden apprehension of the art. In this way, his work develops abstract significance purely through the senses. Seeing his work, you become aware that you are in fact seeing abstractions, rather than just thinking them. Sensual abstract art presents this marriage of perceptual and conceptual contents. Its approach is related to abstract expressionism, but diverges in that it is focused on the sensual maturation of abstractions rather than spontaneous abstractions.